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Pulastya Eye clinic is located centrally at posh location in East of Kailash. It is one of the best Eye clinic in South Delhi. It is dedicated to quality care in a very warm & friendly atmosphere. The Pulastya Eye Clinic mission is to provide the highest quality, up to date and compassionate eye care facilities for all patients.

Pulastya Eye Clinic, Dr. Pooja Mehta

We provide all the latest and safe procedures under expert guidance of eye specialist Dr. Pooja Mehta, M.B.B.S, D.N.B Dr.Pooja Mehta is a DMC and NBE (National Board of Examinations ) certified Ophthalmologist and specialized in diagnosis and management of eye diseases.

At Pulastya Eye Clinic, we give you an honest, professional advice. We are dedicated to providing top quality eye care services, eye testing at reasonable cost. In a short span Pulastya Eye Clinic has emerged as the first choice of patients suffering from eye problems.

At the Pulastya Eye Clinic located in Delhi, we aim to offer our patients a professional eye care service using the latest surgical techniques. Doctor is highly trained and has years of experience in his field of expertise. The staff here provides a friendly, confidential and professional service in a comfortable and relaxing setting.

 Pulastya Eye Services
  •  Cataract Surgery
    Human eye has a natural lens which is normally transparent...
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  •  Lasik
    Lasik is currently the best method of correction of refractive errors...
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  •  Computer Vision Syndrome
    Computers have become an integral part of everyone's life...
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  •  Diabetes and Eye
    Diabetes is a disease, which affects the small blood vessels...
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  •  ARMD
    Age related macular degeneration is the degeneration of the most sensitive...
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  •  Contact Lenses
    A contact lens is a thin lens placed directly on the surface of the eye...
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  •  Refractive Errors
    The rays of light are focused on the retina - the light sensitive layer of the eye...
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  •  Eye Allergy
    Eye allergy is an abnormal response to any organic or chemical agent...
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Dr. Pooja Mehta